About Kristin Newman


Did you know authors always write the “About the Authors” themselves? We do. So, I’m going to drop the third person and just tell you a few things:

1.)   I, like Cameron Diaz and Snoop Dogg, grew up in Long Beach, California in the eighties. Cameron and Snoop pretty much sum it up:  there were a lot of blonde people riding bikes around in bathing suits with surfboards, and drive-by shootings. I still love hip hop.

2.)   I then headed to Northwestern in Chicago, froze, and gained twenty pounds.

3.)   I, like all twenty-two-year-olds, decided that unlike the rest of the world, I had it all figured out: where you lived and the person you were with was more important that what you did for work. I moved to Vail, Colorado with my first love, and waited tables and tuned skis, for what I thought might be forever. I left after six months of answering the same questions all day every day, and started working on a career that I might enjoy.

4.)   I have been writing for Hollywood for fifteen years, on shows like “That 70s Show,” “How I Met Your Mother,” “Chuck,” and “The Neighbors.” I love my job. I sometimes wonder if TV is gross, and if I should be doing something that makes the world a better place, but one time a hospice nurse told me that on the nights that her patients’ comedies are on, they use half the pain medication. So that made me feel better. That being said, I was getting my body hair lasered off by that nurse when she told me that story, so that might bring me back around to gross again.

5.)   The life of a TV writer allows 3-12 months a year “off,” so I started traveling when my friends started breeding, so I wouldn’t be the creepy aunt in the backyard with the happy families quite so often.

6.)   I got addicted to the fun of that life, and so wondered if I might never want to be one of those happy families in the backyard.

7.)   To learn what came next… read the book!


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